Over Exposure or It Just Went Through Me

by Adriene

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This is the break up track


You don't want someone to need you
but.. you like the idea of there being someone that needs you


I guess the idea is different from the reality
the reality is pretty painful

love it like hypothermia

it starts with a shiver you know
you start to shiver then I start feeling aches as well in my shoulders

*as it's clear to see*
*too much too little too late to lie again with you*

and then it sort of goes further and further into your core

*too much too little too late to try again with you*

you start, you just feel really cold through the middle of you
then it becomes a -
you do feel a sense of numbness and it becomes a bit like an out of body experience
and of course when the heart attack happened, um, that was a sh--


like a shu--


*when I stepped into an avalanche*
*it covered up my soul*

it was like a shudder
like a tremor
like a tremor
that just went
through me

like a tremor that just went


the cold is my teacher
to me it's like god

even when protected by warm clothing, a person can only expect to hod their breath for about ten seconds in water below 15 degrees Celsius
ten seconds (repeating)
you can
ten seconds (repeating)
you can also keep more of your body out of the water by clinging to something
like a shu-
people are completely exposed, you find the true them when you're around them twenty four seven

by clinging to something

another person

a part of the boat

a log

even a floating dead friend

and I wonder, is this what I really want? And
it was what I really wanted but stuff changes

Even a floating dead friend
he can save your life

I don't know

something important to know and focus on in winter survival is you are not going to freeze to death in your sleep. You'll shiver yourself awakke before you die

[ice breaking]

over exposure can be dangerous


the kids are gone
and everyone's retired or someon'e home more
and over exposure's causing tension and stress in the home
what do we do about that?

[ice breaking]

by clinging to something

cold in this case is..being over exposed to something?
yeah, I was thinking literally cold, but we can go the emotional route too
oh, Yeah. Literally cold, I've been literally cold lots of times


there's the airport in the back
we're here it's minus -- what's with my hands?
it's minus twenty three and I
I forgot what it's like
my hands, they are freezing
the battery is dying
even thought it was full like two minutes ago
let's touch the snow

oh! that was a bad idea.


*too much too little too late to ever be friends*





Adriene New York

Sounds with moving parts, interview re-cuts, mediocre mixtape philosophy, plunderphonic documentary.
Serious Nonsense.

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