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Istina of a Room

by adrie n e

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about "truth" and space


[speaking Russian]
they thought they kind of knew the way the universe
the human world would progress
so they're kind of saying 'we kind of know the truth and we are the source of the truth'

there's a weird amount of framed photographs on one of the wall

Istina is the core


what is it really? what is it in essence? it's about essential truth

fitted sheets, no top sheets

this room in here had no walls or nothing
the bedrooms were up there but nothing was in them
beds I guess

this is really a little one room
bout two or three room farmhouse is what is really amounts to
front room, i have my desk
Brian works off that table when he's down here working on stuff

i feel like istina is really referring to a kind of

two windows in the front

essential truth

a smaller windows on the side

a certain kind of

like what is it really what is it in essence

lots of blankets
you pile them up

the deep truth in the middle of all of that
is that you'd rather have them around you than not
it would be infintaly worse
to feel
physically better

confusions are countless I vow to cut them all

[counting in Russian]

I don't know
I don't know
they went back and forth a lot so

the land brings out this sort of
certain spirit or something in people
it's like this miserable but
very rich

five or more


layers of paint interspersed with white base paint
you're suppose to repaint every year, but people stopped doing that like a decade ago
but the last coat of paint is that color of brown
that landlords must think is antiseptic or pleasing or non-confrontational but just makes you hate everything
that's shiny enough that when the lights come through everything just gets a glare to it without seeming illuminated

this is our room, what you say Sasha
[speaking Russian]

this used to be Harold's room
I found Harold deceased in this room

living beings are numberless
I vow to save them all

his bed used to go right across here
I found him one morning
I found him when the pope died
that's when I know I found him
this is the bathroom
used to have just a sink when Harold was here and a urinal and a toilet
he only took sponge bath
sponge baths in the sink

you're getting closer to Istina
you're getting closer to your miserable, suffering dusha

what is it really? what is it in essence?
so what is a phonebook really?

there are three phonebooks propping up a piece of furniture that used to be a couch but has somehow
just through time
lost a couple of it's legs and would list dangerously to the side and to the back sort of rocking
on a diagonal anytime anyone sat or slept on it, if it wasn't held up by these phonebooks
no one reads them
they're just blocks

it's all corrupting the
russkaya dusha, russian soul
it's all corrupting that anyway
so all the better to not read the phonebook
for the blind man

an old feller talking to me in that house up yonder

maybe a Russian person

he said there ain't no such thing as a god

who's like really into instina would be like

well I said "mr d"

it's like god itself

I said "you believe you're here don't ya?
"yeah I believe I'm here"
well I said "you believe any man on earth made you"
"no I didn't make me"
well I said "what made em, how come I'm here"
oh he said "that just happened"
well I said "let's call that.. you saying just happened let's call that god, let's give it another name"

Suzanne tells about bunk beds being in that other bedroom and uh
they're all coming in, climbin in with the

and say "that just happened, that's what god it 'just happened'"

She probably could tell you more than I can

is there a way that you could incorporate phonebooks into the image of the room, would they be anywhere?
there are three phone books underneath this piece of furniture that

I never know.
I never heard em again
probably they heard him say he's gonna take care of them tonight and that was the end of it

[speaking Russian]

I don't think they slept downstairs too much longer after that

[counting in Russian]


released July 24, 2017
part of QRRG




adrie n e New York, New York


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