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Migraines & Tsunamis

by adrie n e

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[speaking another language]

In some people's sluggish or yawning

The beach or ground starts to shake

some people noticed they become crabby

a loud roar an ocean roar

they urinate more frequently the crave certain food

all of the sudden the ocean starts to recede and recede and recede it exposed the floor

And often they start to have a heightened awareness of their senses so light seam brighter
sounds seem stronger and they start complaining that their family's too loud or the work place is too loud when in fact nothing has changed they're just more sensitive to it

(it's the incense, it's the ferns
you didn't like the color of your mini-golf ball
it's the hotdogs are too small)


The national weather service has issued a tsunami warning
I repeat the national weather service has issued a tsunami warning for coastal areas of northern and central California including the following counties:




San Mateo

patient themselves were sort of full of metaphors

San Francisco

one patient spoke of himself as having, a very sophisticated patient, as having become a Mobius strip


he said, or a Kline bottle in which his inside became his outside

Contra Costa


Sometimes I think maybe there's a frequency
that I can make with my mouth
some kind of sound where the vibrations
help the pain


I have not been able to find it


high is not good


Today we tell about headaches
the pain that strikes almost everyone at some time

a migraine can be mild
but it also can be so severe that a person cannot live a normal life

I don't know if you can tell or not but i am in aura
yesterday was prodrome
I missed
the excessive emotional I missed it being prodrome
What prodrome is the
is the stage of migraine before aura and before the migraine actually hits

About sixty percent of patients experience the prodrome when, in fact, many of them don't realize it

You might experience irritability

mood Swings
unusual food cravings
or compulsive yawning

Or a combination of these feelings right before migraine begins

Sometimes the need to use the bathroom is also a symptom of the stage

There are several warning signs and this is the most important part of today's lesson
when you're at the beach
and you see the water receding or pulling back from the shore

This whole bay literally went dry
As far as you could see, even the big junk out there that would have been sitting on the sand

so if you see an unusual disappearance of water immediately move in inland away from the ocean
and head for higher ground

the other thing is a loud roar an ocean roar
another natural sign that is tsunami could be on, or probably is on its way few minutes

But some movement up there caught my attention out of the corner of my eye and so I looked directly up there and what i observed was a like an atomic explosion


I'm just sitting there all of a second i see this zigzag
this colorful zigzag line appear in my visual field

the first time it happened
I thought i was going crazy
because , what is that?
like it's not something you see everyday

Phase two: Aura
this next phase may involve neurological events known as auras
Auras can begin twenty to sixty minutes prior to an actual migrate patients see metallic lines
changes in sensation
motor deficits
and speech abnormalites

[non sense]

However auras don't occur for every migraine sufferer

I had, sometimes have, such an olfactory aura myself
with a migraine
there's an overwhelming smell of buttered toast of, hot buttered toast

[ocean waves]

This is actually part of a tsunami wave
much of the beach is exposed and animal, seashells and rare things that you might not see at every day beach life are able to be seen

I was completely unprepared I looked at my fingers and my pointer finger is missing and so i knew i am actually getting a migraine


(..magnitude of eight point nine has been detected in eastern Japan. Arrival time for the initial wave is estimated for the following locations: Sea Side Oragon, Oh Seven Twenty Four a m pacitic standard time. Charleston Oregon, Oh Seven Fifteen a m pacific standard time. Once again a tsunami warning has been issued for the coastal areas of Oregon at twelve fourty five a m pacific standard time....)

A patient said: if only I could find the eye of my hurricane
in other words he felt that he had become sort of a stome
this notion of a storm is often my mind

[hospital sounds]


Phase three: Attack
This phase involved pain and other symptoms like light sensitivity
if left untreated this phase could last upto seventy two hours

Tsunamis can last up to, as I said again, more than eight hours


Migraine begin when neurons in the brain start misfireing in response to internal or environmental triggers
releasing chemicals that cause blood vessels to swell and dilate


pain receptors surrounded these vessels transmit pains signals to the hither centers of the brain and create the first sensation of pulsating headache pain

[pulsing, beeping]
[low roar]

Run! Run!
Go! Go!

[low roar]
[ocean waves]

It looked like just a big wall of water

Quick Quick
Go Go
Go Go
Run Run

What is that?
What is that?

Oh. Tsunami.

[ocean roar]
[quiet ocean waves]


[soft crying]





adrie n e New York, New York


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